What are some effective strategies for increasing organic traffic to a new website?

Hey guys, so I launched my website about two weeks ago, but the traffic is super low and not really picking up.

How long do you think it usually takes to go from zero views to around a hundred views per day? Like, are we talking months or even years?

And when can I expect my site to start showing up in Google Search or Bing? Should I be adding new content regularly, and if so, how often?

Any advice or good resources for learning how to boost traffic would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @Dolph! Getting traffic to a new website takes time, usually a few months to get going. Make sure search engines know about you by submitting your site to tools like Google Search Console. Keep your content fresh, aim for 1-2 posts a week. Use specific keywords related to your niche to attract the right crowd and make sure your site is speedy and mobile-friendly. Share your stuff on social media, collaborate with others, and maybe try some paid ads. Check out resources like HubSpot for more tips. Consistency and quality are key, so keep at it!