What are some key elements to include in a typical SEO report template?

Hey everyone, I’m pretty new to SEO reporting, and I’ve been tasked with putting together a report for the NGO I’m working with. They want to see some KPIs to help them decide whether to keep working with me in the future.

I’m tracking about 30 keywords and their rankings, so that’ll definitely be part of the report. But I could really use some pointers or maybe even a template to make sure I cover all the bases. Any suggestions or advice you guys have would be really appreciated!

Creating a comprehensive SEO report can help demonstrate the impact of your efforts and provide valuable insights for your NGO.
Here are some key elements to include in your report template:

  1. Executive Summary: Provide a brief overview of the report’s findings and highlight key achievements or challenges.
  2. KPIs and Metrics: Include important key performance indicators (KPIs) such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and backlink metrics.
  3. Keyword Performance: Present data on the performance of the 30 tracked keywords, including their rankings, changes over time, and visibility trends.
  4. Traffic Analysis: Analyze organic traffic trends, sources of traffic, and engagement metrics such as bounce rate, time on page, and pages per session.
  5. On-Page Optimization: Assess the optimization status of key website pages, including metadata, content quality, and internal linking structure.
  6. Off-Page Optimization: Evaluate the effectiveness of your backlink strategy, including the quantity and quality of inbound links.
  7. Competitor Analysis: Compare your NGO’s performance with competitors in terms of keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and overall visibility.
  8. Recommendations: Provide actionable recommendations based on the data analysis to improve SEO performance and achieve organizational goals.
  9. Visualizations: Use charts, graphs, and tables to visualize data trends and make the report more engaging and easy to understand.
  10. Future Plans: Outline proposed strategies and initiatives for future SEO efforts to continue driving results and achieving objectives.
    By including these key elements in your SEO report template, you can effectively communicate the impact of your SEO efforts and demonstrate the value of your work to your NGO.