What are your favorite books on SEO?

I am looking for recommendations of outstanding books on SEO.

Nowadays, in the age of easy publishing, there’s a lot of crap, garbage books out there – quickly hammered together, shit pamphlets that are like 108 pages printed in size 26 font. What’s more the people that publish this trash find a way to get like 10-20 five-star reviews, fooling you into buying their books.

I say that to say: There seem to be a lot such books on Amazon on SEO. I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting the spammy ones based on their titles, cover designs and so on, but I want to really go deep on SEO and read a ton of books.

So I’m looking for recommendations of books you’ve personally read that are SOLID. What are some good ones that you’d recommend to someone trying to really take their SEO game to the next level?