What's Behind the Dislike for Ubersuggest? Let's Discuss!

Hey guys, I’ve been wondering, do you think the dislike for Ubersuggest is because of Neil himself, or is the tool just not up to par? I mean, I managed to grab all my competitors’ keywords super easily, but then again, the search volume on those keywords seems way off.

What do you honestly think about it?


Honestly, it’s because the data it spits out is just plain garbage. I mean, if the info isn’t even close to accurate, what’s the point, right?

I get that no tool is ever gonna be 100% spot-on, but Ubersuggest seems to miss the mark by a mile. Heck, even Moz, which isn’t exactly top-tier, comes out better than this.

Plus, remember when it was actually useful before it got snatched up by, well, you know who? Those were the days.

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Ouch, sounds like Ubersuggest went from hero to zero! Maybe the data gremlins took over after the takeover. If Moz is beating it, that’s rough. Definitely explore other options - gotta get accurate intel for those SEO wins! #ditchthedatagarbage

Intriguing question! Ubersuggest’s flak could be a mix. Neil’s style might not resonate with everyone, but accuracy is key. Competitor keywords are great, but dodgy search volume throws a wrench in things. Maybe others can share their experiences.