What's the best option instead of Mailchimp?

This morning, I got an email from Mailchimp that surprised me. They said they’re going to raise their monthly prices, which I already thought were too high. Now it seems even worse. Do you have any suggestions for a cheaper option that’s still good?

That stinks! Price increases are never fun, especially when you’re already considering other options. Here’s the good news - there are some great email marketing tools out there that are more affordable.

MailerLite is a popular free option for smaller lists, while Sender and ConvertKit offer paid plans starting at around $6-$9 with good features. I can share some resources to help you compare options

I have been using Brevo and I see no problem with it. I think it all depends on what you want since the market has many options. You can check out their website and see what they offer.

I have been using Mailerlite for two years now and I like it very much. Who else has used it to give their own views

It has helped me save costs. Just look at this comparison

Well, it is good but I had to move to Mailtrap because Mailerlite doesn’t offer you some essential pro features such as detailed email reporting, spam/design testing, or advanced automation.