Which is the best and most legit group buy SEO tools website?

What is the best and most reliable group buy SEO tools website?
I need a combination of Semrush and Ahrefs.
Any recommendations?

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There is a method, however unethical. Use the SEMRUSH 30-day pro trial. Sign up with a different email and cc each month. I have been doing this for a time now.

When looking for a group buy SEO tools website, it’s important to prioritize legitimacy and reliability. Based on my research and experience, Toolsurf and Group Buy SEO Tools are often recommended as reputable options. They offer access to a variety of SEO tools at more affordable prices by pooling resources through group buys.
However, it’s crucial to check reviews and ensure they provide genuine access to tools without compromising on quality or violating terms of service. Always proceed cautiously and verify the legitimacy of any group buy SEO tool provider before making a purchase.