Who do I hire for seo, how do I know who best fits the job?

Hey guys, I’m on the hunt for someone with killer SEO skills to help boost my website’s ranking. I don’t want to break the bank without knowing what I’m getting into, so I’m hoping to get some recommendations first.

I’ve got some pretty competitive keywords I’m aiming to rank for (around 30+ to 40 on Moz), and I’ve already tried some on-page SEO and blog posting. But honestly, I’m feeling a bit stuck and think I need some expert help since my SEO knowledge is limited.

Do any of you have suggestions for who to hire for SEO and what kind of costs I should expect for ranking?

Are you looking for an affordable SEO expert? @Unclewaffl3s

Costs can vary, but you might pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars monthly.

Check platforms like Upwork or Fiverr for skilled SEO pros with clear reviews and rates.

Always request case studies or references before hiring to ensure quality.

I understand your frustration.

Competitive keywords and ranking can be tricky, and it’s great that you’ve already started with on-page SEO and content creation.

Hiring an SEO expert can definitely help you reach the next level.

Consider SEOs who offer project-based pricing rather than monthly retainers, at least initially.

This allows you to see results before fully committing your budget.

Common project packages include on-page optimization, link building, and content marketing plans.