Who knows of any yext alternatives?

I’m feeling stuck in a tough situation. My company is reluctant to invest in Yext because of its high cost, and one major concern is that once you stop paying for Yext, you lose access to all your citations. Currently, I’m using BrightLocal to manage citations manually, but I keep encountering obstacles. Many of the citations that supposedly can be done manually turn out to be paid citations, and some redirect to Yext or similar citation websites. Is it becoming more common for citations to require payment, leaving me with no choice but to convince my company to accept Yext?

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Paid citations are more common now. Yext is easy but costly, and you lose info if you stop paying. Consider cheaper tools or manually managing key citations instead.

It is true that citation management can be difficult, particularly in light of the growing popularity of premium services like Yext. But it is also critical to consider your options and balance the benefits vs the drawbacks. Although it takes more work, manual administration via services like BrightLocal is still feasible. Prior to committing, think about if Yext’s ease outweighs the cost for the particular requirements of your business. Additionally, it could be worthwhile to look into alternative resources or bargain directly with citation platforms.

Looking for other options besides Yext to handle local SEO and citations is a good idea, especially if you want cheaper options or different features. Some good choices are:

  • BrightLocal: Offers many local SEO tools like making and checking citations, and it’s cheaper than Yext.
  • Moz Local: Helps your search results get seen more through good listing and review management.
  • Synup: Focuses on local marketing and can manage listings, keep an eye on your reputation, and give useful analytics.

Each of these options has its own special features that might meet your needs and fit your budget, making them good alternatives to Yext.